We’re excited to reveal, for the first time, a sneak peek…

We’re excited to reveal, for the first time, a sneak peek at most of our nearly-finished Butterfly Queen’s wings!  This montage is our first test photos of these, as the wings have yet to be fully assembled – these represent 6 of our 8 sets of wings, and they will be worn by our Queens: Kayla Jo, Melodee, Evgeniya Radilova, Ali Luminescent, Kai Altair, Dina Satti, Madeleine Belle, and Natasha King.

Our wings were custom designed and handmade by the amazing talents at Randy Carfagno Productions and James Vogel.  Each butterfly wing is photo-realistic on both sides to their individual species!

We are getting closer – with all your generous help, I’m thrilled to say we are at 65% of our goal!  But there’s still another 35% to go, and remember – Kickstarter is all-or-nothing – so with just 3 days left, please continue to help us spread the word wherever you can.  The Butterfly Queens will thank you!

Here’s the link to help us:


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