The Butterfly Queens at Burning Man! A very busy summer is…

The Butterfly Queens at Burning Man!

A very busy summer is winding down and I’m pleased to say we are getting closer and closer for a finished film – we can’t wait to finally show you!

But for now we have some exciting news to share  – the Butterflies are going to Burning Man!  For those that haven’t heard, Burning Man is one of the world’s largest arts and music festivals, held annually in the Nevada desert.  It’s a truly incredible event, drawing nearly 60,000 people – they come together from all over the world to create a city of dreams that rises spectacularly from the desert floor.  What better place for all 7 of our Butterfly Queens to appear with their majestic wings, dancing in a desert sunrise?

For those lucky enough to be attending this year, be sure to remember this time:  Friday morning, August 30th, right at sunrise in front of this year’s amazing pyramid Temple of Whollyness.  This is the *only* moment of the event the Butterfly Queens will emerge briefly from the dream-world, to dance for everyone and share their magick, so you definitely won’t want to miss it!

And they will be arriving in truly impressive style – on the deck of a massive, absolutely incredible Steampunk Airship!!  The wonderful creators of the Airpusher’s Steampunk Airship have kindly offered our Butterfly Queens a ride to the Temple so they can reserve their energy for their dance.  So when dawn is about to break, keep an eye out for the beautiful Airship gliding across the playa, and you will see the Butterflies aboard.

We will also have some new Queens joining us! Many thanks to this incarnation of our Butterflies:  Anya Sapozhnikova and Kae Burke from Lady Circus, Claudine Soulsister, K Jae Boheme-Spins, Ali Luminescent, Kai Altair, and Madeleine Belle.

And for those of you that won’t be there, not to worry – we will certainly be capturing the moment with gorgeous photos. 

(Our very special thanks also to our amazing producer for this ‘event’, Stefan Spins.)

Thanks again to all of you, and we’ll see some of you in the dust!  More movie updates coming soon – but to hold you over, here’s a new still from the film of Ali Luminescent!

Yours in imagination,

Zina Brown


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