Circles for Hearts (with Kai Altair) – Marilyn

Circles for Hearts (with Kai Altair) – Marilyn – music video

Director/Producer: Zina Brown

Cinematography: Burke Heffner
2nd Camera: Ben Cain
Editor: Nate Pommer

Costumes: Martina Melendez

Make-up & Hair: Jessah Amarante

Color Correction/FX: Brien Hindman
Gaffer/Grip: Tom Guiney
Costume special effects: Sky
Additional Make-up: Olga


Singer: Kai Altair

Marilyn: Evgenia Radilova
Dark Faerie Queen: Veronica Varlow

Faerie Guard: Paige Stevenson

Faerie Court: Sarah Elizabeth Nischwitz, Harmony Ingraham, Pamela Bell & Patrick Zornow

Fire Dancers:  Malcolm Stuart from Groovehoops, Lisa Bella and Dimeetri from Flesh for Fire, Tihomirn Andonov

Thanks to

Paige Stevenson & James Vogel for locations, Adam and Pat Houtz, Becky Alford, Kae Burke, Christ Church of Brooklyn NY

© 2008 Thousand Names Productions