Photos from Circles For Hearts Music Video Premiere

Veronica Varlow

Check out some photos from the music video premiere of the video “Marilyn” for Circles For Hearts, at long-running infamous NYC party Rated X.

And a huge THANK YOU!! to everyone who came out and made the night an incredible success!! The place was completely packed out, Veronica Varlow hypnotized the entire audience with her unbelievably hot new “Isis” act, and Circles For Hearts had an amazing set to thunderous applause!

GK2 plays in London's new Chili Film Festival

The Karsh Kale video Zina wrote/directed, GK2, was asked to be in a brand-new London film and video festival.
We are the ONLY music video asked to be included in the entire program!

This year is the debut of the Chili Film Festival, a fun and free movie screening at Corbet Place behind Truman Brewery, as part of the Brick Lane Festival on Sunday September 10. Films are showing between 11:00am-8:30pm, all with the theme of “JOURNEY.” Check out how filmmakers from around the world interpret this idea in clever, amusing, heart-wrenching and artistic ways.

GK2 in the New York Vigilante Film Fest

GK2 has been accepted into the 1st Annual New York Vigilante Film Fest!

It sounds like it’s going to be a blast – In addition to the film screenings, there’ll be Mutant Bike Jousting and a Punk Rock Burlesque show! It’s also been selected as one of only three films to ‘preview’ the festival at “A Night of New York Films from the Atomic Underground.” They’re saying GK2 is “An awesome visual and audio experience”